If you negotiate cell tower lease rates well, you can walk away from the deal a happy landowner. Unfortunately, some landowners walk away dissatisfied and it’s a growing problem because it’s an industry that few understand. If you haven’t worked in this industry, everything is a foreign concept and it’s so difficult to grasp. Usually, these favor the companies rather than the landowners, so, it’s crucial to negotiate for a fairer deal. So, how can you negotiate your cell tower lease rates?

Consider a Cell Tower Consultant as They Know the Industry

While you’re tempted to walk into negotiations on your own, it’s not always smart. Remember, this is a tough sector because the cell phone companies have a team of experts behind them. They’re going to push for the best deal possible – for them, not you – so, it’s essential to have someone in your corner. Cell tower consultants are experts within this field, however, it’s essential to have a third-party consultant. You want a consultant with no ties or allegiances to the cell phone company. These professionals will help when it comes to negotiating cell tower lease rates.

Don’t be Afraid to Disagree with Terms

Cell phone companies can walk away at any given time. Remember, there is a lot of land out there and many owners are willing to basically hand it over without a second thought of what they’re getting into. However, a poor deal is worse than no deal. Cell phone companies want the best deal for them, and they can easily add new terms during the negotiation phase. You, however, cannot agree to terms you are not happy with. A lot of landowners do and regret it later, so sometimes, you must stand firm and say what you aren’t happy with. A cell tower consultant may help you understand the terms clearly. Check here!

Be Reasonable with Genuine Offers

A lot of people are new to this industry and so they don’t fully understand what it is to host a cell tower on their land. Unfortunately, some believe it’s best to hold out for the best possible deal, but that might never come. Negotiations are likely to occur over a short period, however, if there is a genuine offer on the table – and it’s a reasonable one too – it’s time to seriously consider it. If the cell tower lease rates are good, it’s time to consider the offer.

Tell your consultant (or the cell phone company) what you think and where your reservations lie. It could be one sticking point the company is willing to iron out to complete the deal. Don’t turn your nose up if the offer is reasonable for what the company is providing. A cell tower consultant can handle most of the negotiations, however, you’re the one to decide if the deal is best for you.

Be Smart when Negotiating

Negotiations for cell towers are full of ups and downs. Some companies are happy with your land and will do whatever it takes to make you happy; unfortunately, most cell phone companies are the opposite. It’s vital to remember this is a deal they can take to dozens of others, so while you can’t sell your land short, you can’t be too unreasonable either. Of course, if it’s not right for you, it’s not worth it. However, it’s important to consult with an expert and negotiate for fairer cell tower lease rates. Click here for further details: https://lucytamajon.com/allowing-a-cell-tower-on-your-property-what-you-give-up-vs-what-you-gain/