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  • Cell Tower Leases Exposed

    Cell Tower Leases Exposed

    What do you know about a cell tower lease? To be honest, a lot of people don’t really know much about cell tower leasing and often get short-changed in the deal. That’s not a nice place to be because while everyone is entitled to make money, it’s not fair to stiff the owner of the property! When it comes time to negotiate you might think it’s all a piece of cake but in reality it’s not! The companies looking to lease the cell tower will be looking to save money and of course you’re looking to make more and so it’s going to be an old-fashioned battle at the negotiation table! Learn more regarding leasing land.

    Without An Attorney the Company Might Try To Short-Change You

    A lot of property owners agree to cell tower leases without an attorney present. There is nothing wrong with that as long as the owner understands what the lease means to them. The trouble with not having an attorney present is that some companies might decide to try and squeeze every penny. What does that mean? Well, it may lead to a reduced offer over rental per month or per year, depending on how it’s being negotiated. However, that means you’re losing out. It’s very important to get a cell tower consultant before agreeing to any costs if you aren’t dealing with an attorney. It’ll be the practical way to avoid losing out.

    Cell Tower Leases Exposed

    Don’t Be Afraid To Negotiate

    You cannot be afraid to go to the negotiation table and negotiate! A lot of property owners think any offer is a good offer and are willing to take it without really thinking practically. It’s very important to think and maybe even go to the negotiation table just to see if that’s the company’s very best offer. You might not agree to that but it’s really important and something which will help during the cell tower lease agreement. Both parties can see what the other’s limits are and then work to suit themselves and the other. It’s wise to negotiate just so the other side doesn’t think you’re too chicken to ask for a better offer. Click here for more detail about land examining and real estate transactions.

    Think Before You Agree

    Do you feel a yearly increase of 3% is fair? Is it possible to maybe get 4%? These are the things you have to think about in the short and long-term! If a company is willing to go to 4% but you agreed to 3% you’re losing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years and that’s crazy! However, you cannot be too greedy and try and push the rates per year up because people will walk away and find another location. It’s important you think very carefully about the costs before agreeing either way. You may want to speak with a cell tower consultant and see what they can suggest for you and the price. For more guidelines, visit: 

    Get the Right Deal

    Cell towers are everywhere it seems and more and more internet and mobile companies have to lease them from property owners. That can be a great thing for lots of property owners simply because they can make a little extra. However, you have to ensure you don’t get bogged down over costs and you have to make a good decision over rates and increases too. The right deal will make all the difference with a successful cell tower lease.

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  • Negotiating a Cell Tower Lease: Getting Help

    Negotiating a Cell Tower Lease: Getting Help

    Have you ever negotiated a cell tower lease? To be honest, there are very few people who have personally dealt with these contracts and it’s not difficult to see why. The subject of cell towers aren’t something which a lot of people are familiar with and it makes it all a little bit confusing after so long. It’s so important for you to get help when dealing with a cell tower lease, and there are a few things you really need to know.

    Do Some Basic Research over Rental Prices in Your Area

    First and foremost, do you know what a cell tower rental is worth? You absolutely have to conduct some basic research over rental prices within this local area. Why? You could be short-changed in the lease and you don’t want that at the end of the day. You absolutely want to ensure you’re getting value for money and the best deal possible so you can’t sit back. You’re the one who is accepting the deal and you have to ensure the deal is fair for you as well as the company renting the property from you. It’s so important to talk to a cell tower consultant if you’re not sure what to do. Whatever you decide, you do need to do some research over costs. Click here for Property Market Statistics.

    Negotiating a Cell Tower Lease: Getting Help

    Think About How Much The Added Hassle Of The Tower Will Cost You For The Next Two Decades!

    Let’s be honest, there is some level of bother when it comes to having a cell tower installed on your property and that’s something you have to consider. You’re going to create a new lease with a company who wants to rent – that’s fine – but what about the hassle on you and your family? Do you think there is fair compensation within the contract? That’s something you really have to think about when dealing with a cell tower lease. You want a fair deal at the end of the day. Get experts opinion on

    Call A Professional Consultant Or Attorney!

    Sometimes, it’s really tough to tackle the negotiation stage without some form of help. If you haven’t dealt with cell tower leases before, it’s all very confusing, which is why it’s time to call in professional help. You should always have an attorney, lawyer or professional consultant at hand when it comes to negotiation a lease because they know best! They are the ones that may be more able to deal with the negotiations than what you are. That’s potentially very useful and it might make it easier in the long and short-term too. A good cell tower consultant can help in a big way and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for their help either. Learn more about professional consultant.

    Get Help and Get a Fair Lease

    Dealing with cell tower leases are confusing at the best of times and if you aren’t familiar with them, you really do need help. It’s fine to try and tackle this on your own; however, you do have to be extremely careful. You want to ensure the lease is fair for you and your property but also going to be profitable too. It’s important to do your own research over the matter in order to get the best value for money and it will make a real difference to say the least. Negotiate your cell tower lease and ensure you’re getting the best part of the bargain!

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  • New Cell Tower Lease: What Is a Property Owner’s Bargaining Power?

    New Cell Tower Lease: What Is a Property Owner's Bargaining Power?

    Homeowners don’t think too much about hiring the services of a cell tower consultant, and yet they are some of the most valuable services available today. One of the greatest things about being a property owner is that when a company comes knocking at your door asking to host a cell tower on the property, you have one fantastic bargaining chip to deal with. So, what bargaining powers do you have when negotiating over leasing a cell tower?

    Sublease and Co-Location Fees

    One of the most important bargaining chips any property owners have is with the sublease and any co-location fees of the tower. For example, a company may choose to initially rent the property out in hopes of using the cell tower for their own means but that may later change. They could decide to sublease the tower out to others and that’s where you can benefit too. In the lease or contract you create with the company, you could put a clause which states if the tower or property is subleased by another company the owner is to get a portion of the fees. That’s a great way to keep cell tower lease rates reasonable for the companies and profitable for you. Click here for more information.

    New Cell Tower Lease: What Is a Property Owner's Bargaining Power?

    Early Fee Termination

    Let’s say for a moment that the company renting the cell tower wanted to unexpectedly terminate their service early, what would you do? Well, you could lose out a lot of money if there is nothing in the lease about early termination and this could be your bargaining power. As a property owner you could set out the term in which states, if the company chooses to terminate their service early and stop using their site as location of the cell tower, they will pay the property owner a fee. It’s a useful clause to have and a cell tower consultant may say to you this should be added in the lease contract as well.

    Rent and Revenue

    You are the one who can essentially set the rents for the companies. You can say you want to achieve so much from the cell tower lease rates and if the company is happy with that rate they will agree to pay. However, some companies may try to negotiate the price which is why you shouldn’t start with your lowest or base line offer, go high and see what the companies can offer. You are the owner and you’ve got a great bargaining chip in play. You can set the rent if you want to and that may determine what sort of revenue you make also. Learn more about cell tower leases.

    Set the Terms

    In a way, a homeowner has to be firm when allowing a company the use of their land. While the company can always choose to go elsewhere, there was a reason why they choose you. You have the prime land and it’s you that has great bargaining powers too! However, you cannot be greedy in trying to get more money from the company, even if you’re tempted! What you have to do instead, is to look at what your bargaining chips are and then make your move. You cannot be afraid to talk about rates or annual percentage increases because they can be important to you as it can be to the actual company. Ensure you have a cell tower consultant to help you during the negotiation phase and it’ll potentially avoid you missing out. For more information, visit:

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